Artiste peintre animailier don pour fondation lion

Where the palette of creativity meets the nuances of benevolence

At the heart of the artistic universe, where the palette of creativity meets the nuances of benevolence, emerges the inspiring story of Confetti.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the painter who was then a teacher and director of his own art schools had to close his doors and redirect himself as a full-time artist. Since then, a true excitement has taken over his world, symbolized by a shower of confetti, where the artist began to see his works being collected and selling over 200 pieces in a relatively short period.


More recently, his fame has surpassed national borders to expand internationally, even being featured on covers of publications in Europe.

A man whose talent transcends the limits of the brush to become an act of generosity in its own right. Over the past twelve months, Confetti has donated nearly $20,000, in addition to his valuable time, to support various charitable causes, thus uniting art and philanthropy in a unique and powerful way.


Among the foundations that have benefited from Confetti's generosity, the St-Hubert Foundation holds a special place in his heart.

For this passionate artist, art is not limited to aesthetics but extends to a broader mission, that of defending the cause of animals.

Through artistic performances before the public, Confetti creates canvases that capture energy and compassion, transforming these creations into auction items whose proceeds go directly to the St-Hubert Foundation. Each brushstroke becomes a concrete manifestation of his commitment to animal welfare.

Confetti's commitment to charity also extends to the delicate realities of palliative care, a cause dear to the Pallia-Vie Foundation.


With artistic empathy, he channels his talent into performances for foundations. These works, auctioned off, become significant donations, supporting the efforts of the Pallia-Vie Foundation in accompanying end-of-life individuals and their loved ones.

confetti donne pour la fondation de l'hopital de st-eustache

At the heart of the community's cultural life, Confetti lends his vibrant talent to the Prévost Arts Festival. His high-intensity artistic performances symbolize the local artistic richness. Creating works that capture the very essence of a strong lion in the wind, Confetti coats them with his dedication. The funds collected have contributed to the festival's sustainability, fueling artistic expression and creativity in the community.


The fourth foundation supported by Confetti immerses us in the realm of memory and the fight against Alzheimer's disease. 

His bold vision, after being approached by the Alzheimer's Foundation, led him to collaborate with Les Tite Frette to develop an artistic beer whose sales benefited the Alzheimer's Foundation. Once again, his art serves as a catalyst for fundraising, proving that creativity can be a powerful means of raising awareness and support for crucial medical causes.

Confetti, as a generous artist, is open to examining any requests for action towards a foundation. His mission is not limited to creating dazzling visual works but to use his art as a positive force in the service of society. Each brushstroke, each creation, becomes an invitation to unity, compassion, and the potential to create a real impact through art and philanthropy.


By acquiring a Confetti-signed work and offering your support, you are not just obtaining a piece of art; you are contributing to maintaining his commitment to support and stimulate generosity within society.

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