Art Gallery in Montreal

Artistic Approach

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With a great background related to the teaching of arts and performance painting, the artist, often featured in an art gallery in Montreal, is inspired by the multitudes of visual sensations that we find around us in our environment. Broken lines, flat surfaces, dots, chaos then order. Read more

Pro Bono

The artist, whose work is often showcased in an art gallery in Montreal, is happy to give back here and there through occasional contributions to charitable foundations. Read more

Past Achievements

  • Quebec Champion of Art battle painting
  • Invited to paint in front of the Prime Minister of Quebec Bernard Landry for the commemoration of a minister
  • Owner and director of a line of art schools for 15 years (up to 4 branches)
  • Teacher in the art of drawing and painting for 20 years
  • Speaker at the University of Montreal on the use of color for professional artists
  • Guest of honor in front of nearly 200 professional and amateur artists in Italy
  • He was selected to paint a work of art representing the first ''Canadian tire'' in the world, for the president of Canadian Tire
  • Canadian finalist in the top 20 painters of the painting competitions in the country.

Bending the Rules

The artist has the ability to paint with amazing realism, but prefers to distort his art with passion and brutal emotions.